Thursday, August 11, 2011

Such a sucky day...

Quick, short post.
Today has been an epic fail.
I haven't felt good, it's that time of the month, and while I was eating supper, I knocked my whole plate in the floor with all the food on it.
And, that was my first meal of the day.
It sucks!
Today has sucked, and I can't wait til tomorrow.
It will be better.


Kayla said...


After reading some other blogs and relaxing with some coffee for a bit, I feel better now!

I believe this post is hilarious, and I am leaving it up only in hopes that someone else can get a laugh out of it!

Please feel free to laugh @ my epic fails today! And let me know you did!

Poison said...

aww man i was genuinely sad for you because i hate spilling food!!! tonight i was very upset because i smelled my family cooking fajitas and i was finishing up doing somehting then came in the kitchen and they ate them all and assumed i didnt want any and that i'd rather eat something 'healthier'. i was soo pissed. i can still eat fajitas! i just wasnt gonna eat like 6. just 2. so now im still hungry for dang fajitas. GRR! i had reg tacos instead with leftover meat i found in the fridge from last week. blah.