Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Praxis I Exam

I was so nervous going into this exam, and for what reasons I do not know.

I studied for it, I knew what it was about, and I knew that I had the information needed to pass it.

So, I tried not to stress too much.

It only took me 2 hours, and they give you 4.5 hours to take this exam.

Oh no, I finished way to soon.  I know I didn't do good.

W.R.O.N.G.  I passed the reading and mathematics with flying colors, and I just have to wait for my essay to be graded.

I should know within 10 days if I passed the writing too.

Glad to have this finished, so that I can progress through my degree, and hopefully, I will be teaching soon. :)


Ashley Leanne said...

Good luck on the test :)

What do you want to be teaching once you are done?

Kayla said...

Thank you, Ashley!

I hope to start teaching 5th grade. At least that is what I want right now, but we will see after I do my observations in the different grade levels and then my student teaching!