Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Commenting on Blogs

So, for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to comment on blogs and show some love <3 (If you are reading this, I probably tried to comment on your posts, and it wouldn't let me!)
But, stupid technology would not let me!

Well, I finally got sick and tired of it, so I took some extra time tonight to research on Google what the problem was.

Wow!  It was so simple, but so stupid why I could not comment.
I always leave the "stay signed in" box checked b/c I log out when I am through and get off my computer.
But, if I left this box checked, it would not let me comment, and kept giving me a message that said something like, "you do not have the authority to comment from this account."

What kind of ish is that?

Anyway, I read that if I unchecked the box, it would let me comment, and guess what?  IT DID!

Yay!  Back to leaving love on your blogs.  Hope you guys are ready! :)

S/N:  Is anyone else having this problem?  If you figured this out w/o having to research it, feel free to laugh hysterically at me!


Laura said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. And especially for the compliment about the layout. I feel so inadequate because so many people have professional layouts - I just made this one with the blogger templates. I like it, too.

Eli, India, and Liberty said...

Yes, I've had that problem the last couple of days. And I just used the 'Name/URL' instead, pointing to my site.

I'll be following you, mainly because I love lists, and I have my own Day Zero project going. Look forward to comparing progresses.

Sasha said...

I have the same problem but mine is weird. On my laptop I can comment and everything and I use google chrome. But on my desktop I use windows and it wont let me comment on most. Anndd I can't even publish a post from my desktop! Way annoying

Anonymous said...

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