Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Zero

Check out my Day Zero tab at the top of the page.  I have created my list of 101 things I want to complete in 1001 days.

And, I have completed one of my goals (#16) already, which is to post about the Day Zero Project.

Day Zero is an awesome website that allows you to create a list of what you want to do.  It is almost like creating a bucket list or a New Year's resolution.  Anywho, the website will give you ideas and the Top 101, and you can search through tags for tasks you want to complete.

Please check it out, and go create your own list.


Laura said...

Visiting from your comment on some guy's blog from 20sb about his 101 list. Phew, that's confusing! I like your list and how organized you are. I love writing, so I was especially excited to see your writing goals. I, too, am working on my list, although nothing is organized. They are pretty much listed as I thought of them! Good luck :). I'm about 8 months ahead of you, but honestly not all that far on my list.

Kayla said...


I understand where you found me - ha ha - although it was a mouth full!

Thank you for the comments, and my list was not organized at first. I posted them on the Day Zero website as I thought of them, and then when I had my 101, I organized them on here for my readers. Took some time, but it made it easier for me! :)