Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brain Fart

Um, could today be Monday, by chance?  Today, I have been super busy, and I seem to have misplaced my brain along with some other things!  I called my bank, and here is how the conversation went:

Bank Personnel [BP]:  "Thanks for calling *** bank.  How can I help you today?"
Me:  "Yes, I was wondering if you can tell me, I seemed to have lost my train of thought [nervous laughter]."
BP:  "I know how that feels.  Did you want to know your balance?"
Me:  "Yes, ma'am.  Thank you."
BP:  "Can you please give me your bank account number?"
Me:  "Um, I seem to have misplaced my check book [more nervous laughter].  Can you look it up if I give you my debit card number?"
BP:  "Yes.  Just give me a minute.  Okay, go ahead with your debit card number."
Me:  "My debit card number is ****."
BP:  "Okay.  What is your name please?"
Me:  "Kayla Yow [Oh shoot, now BP can go tell all the other BPs about me and my idiocy and laugh]."
BP:  "Ms. Yow, can I have the last four of your social, please?"
Me:  "Yes, ma'am.  It is ****."
BP:  "Okay, your account balance is ***.  Is that all you needed today?"
Me:  "No, ma'am.  I was also wondering if you could tell me about any pending deposits on my account."
BP:  "That won't be a problem.  Give me just a minute.  {Silence}  Ms. Yow, can you give me your full social?"
Me:  "Yes, ma'am.  It is ****."
BP:  "Oh, my computer froze.  It's not doing anything now."
Me:  "Glad to know that I am not the only one acting like it is Monday!"
BP:  [Silence]
Me:  [Even more nervous laughter.]

After about five minutes, the BP is finally able to pull up my pending deposits, and we say our goodbyes.

I believe today has been the craziest day for me in a while.

[I cannot wait until lunch time tomorrow, when I will be leaving for the beach.  Seriously.]


jnana said...

Lol! The comforting thing about awkward phone conversations like these is that they don't see you and don't know who you are, and to them you're just another voice calling in as part of their job.

Jeremy Bates said...

At least you can get your bank balance! Try that in the Philippines! I am traveling here and staying here for the time being and wow do they ever have the worst banks in the world.

Barbara said...

Ah, wait to you get to be my age! That type of thing will happen to you all the time. - Barbara
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