Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blogging: G is for Giveaways

And, gift swaps!

 Many bloggers host giveaways.  Some are sponsored giveaways {sponsors donate the gift and sometimes even create the rules}, while other giveaways are done just because the blogger wants to.  It could be to commemorate a certain number of posts, followers, or years blogging.

Gift swaps are usually a blog hop/link-up where a blogger host the gift swap, then participants {readers & followers} sign up stating they also want to complete the gift swap.  The blog host will set rules {such as how much to spend} and then pair up two participants to swap gifts.  The participants will list what they like, then whoever they are paired with will buy them something and mail it to them!
 I personally like gift swaps better because everyone receives a gift if all the people who signed up participate!  But, giveaways can also be great because you could possibly win something more expensive or nicer than what you can get in a gift swap!

I am thinking about completing one or the other soon.
What do you guys/gals think would be better for me to do?
Giveaway or gift swap?

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By the way,  I have been sick, so that is the reason this post is sooooo late!  {Hey, I am just human, right?!}

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