Monday, April 30, 2012

Blogging: X = Xtreme

Yes, Xtreme is a type of Chevy S-10.  I know.  I owned one!

And, yes, I am technically cheating, but who gives a hoot!  I am tired, I am hurting {I got a little sunburn today}, I am sitting on the balcony of my hotel room overlooking the ocean, and I am drinking wine!  Xtreme is as good as it gets right now!  {And, technically, I have written something similar to Xtreme in my B = Bold post, but oh well!}

Be Xtreme.  Go for the gold.  Pour your heart out into your blog posts.  But, most of all, love every minute of it.  If you don't love it, your readers probably won't either!

{Don't forget to swing by my About Me post, and ask me some questions.}

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