Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blogging: J = Journal

When you look at the synonyms for journal on Microsoft Word, it gives you several options, including paper, bulletin, and newsletter.

So, blogs are like a public journal because no matter how you write or what you write, each blog post is like a journal entry into the very impersonal world of the internet.

Some bloggers pour out their hearts and souls into their blogs, while others only share some details of their private/personal life.  Whether you are blogging about intense personal details of your life, such as weight loss, marriage, and/or children, or you blog about general topics such as books, music, or current news, some part of you goes into your blog, which I believe therefore turns your blog into a journal.

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L.G.Smith said...

It's true, a blog is very much like a personal journal. I'm chronicling my trip to the UK for the challenge, and I know I'll look back on the posts several months from now and be glad I wrote it all down.

Annie Bella said...

Great post!!!!

Dianna Fielding said...

I guess blogging is like a journal. My own blog is scholarly, but it still reflects a lot of my ideas.

Good luck with the challenge!

Dianna Fielding