Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging: T = Time

 Blogging takes time.  A lot of time.

But, that time can be well spent if you know how {and are not a procrastinator - like me}!

You see, I have every intention getting things done early, and usually I have a great start, but it goes down hill from there.

Take this challenge for example.  In the beginning, I was writing my posts early and scheduling them so that they would post at midnight the day they were supposed to be posted.  Then, I slacked off a little, and other things took priority {like family and school}!  Now, I am three days late on my post {I think}! Ha ha!

Not only in this challenge have I been late though with my posts.  I have quite a few Day Zero posts I need to do, and I haven't.  I also have a couple of rough drafts that are just sitting there that I have not finished writing {one happens to be what happened to me on Friday the 13th - yep, almost 2 weeks ago!}.

So, if you are like me, you know what I am going through.

But, if you are not like me, you can {and probably do} write posts early {and not just one post, but plenty of posts}, and schedule these posts to publish like every other day or every couple of days {so that you are publishing frequently}.  If you can do this, I say go for it.  I try to, but I do not always succeed!

[By the way, I wanted to let you know that it took me about 3 hours - if not more - to write this post.  Not because I couldn't think of what to write, or that I was writing the whole 3 hours, but because I stopped several times to go read some great blogs, get on Facebook and Twitter, and to eat!  Yep, I am also easily distracted!]

{Don't forget to swing by my About Me post, and ask me some questions.}

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Youngman Brown said...

This is definitely me.

I go through spurts. Last week I wrote 5 or 6 posts and had them ready for this week and next week (which is a damn good thing, because I am so busy with work). Other times, I am struggling to get posts finished for the time that I want to publish.

And yea, I have TONS of rough drafts written for other posts. If they can even be called that. They are already written in my head and I write down the basic gist of what I want to say, but I am usually too lazy to actually go through the process of writing it out and polishing it.

Sigh. Blogging is tough work!

mare ball said...

yep, writing/blogging takes A LOT of time. I've dumped housework and dinner most of April. Everything is backing up. I'm glad the A-Z is almost over! Although, it's been a great exercise.