Monday, April 2, 2012

{Traffic Sources}

So, I was going through my stats, and I wanted to share some interesting tidbits I found.

I was checking my Traffic Sources, and I literally laughed at some of the Referring URLs and Referring Sites.  Not because of the URL or Site being a funny name, but because I cannot understand how my blog ever got on these sites.

{I am afraid to visit these sites, as my anti-virus program has warned me they are not safe, and I do not need viruses on my computer.}

So here are the Referring Sites:
{I would really like to know how my blog got here.  I do not sell anything, I have never been to India, and as far as I can remember, I have never posted about India or products from India.}
{Another site that I would like to know how my blog got onto it.  I mean, really?!}

Now onto the Search Keywords.  These I actually enjoyed, and I smiled when I read them.

Here they are:
i am happy
{This is great!  I am happy for whoever searched this!  I am happy that you are happy.}
reasons to love a kayla
{Awe!  There are several reasons to love a Kayla, I just don't think they can be found online.  Although, I do believe this is absolutely super-duper sweet!}


Tara Tyler said...

crazy what blogger does with us! and it changes all the time!

Cat said...

I like both the happy, and the kayla. Mine came up with doobie, and eggs... Meh.


Cheyanne said...

I love those search terms! I haven't checked my blog stats in a while.. I'm going to do that now.

Anonymous said...

I am on wordpress and I often look at my traffic and wonder the same in the heck did someone link to my site using "THAT" (insert bad word here)....???????