Monday, April 30, 2012

Blogging: W is for When & Where

When I thought about W, I thought about writing, of course.  Bloggers are writers.  But, I was thought long and hard about this letter W because I had already wrote about writing in a couple of my other posts.

So, I thought some more.  And, I came up with why.  But, as I thought on that, I figured out I had already wrote about why.  And, I have also wrote about who.  What does that leave me with for the letter "W."  Which led me to when.  When do you blog?  When do you publish your blog posts?  Is there a reason you blog at a certain time, or do you schedule blog posts to be published at a certain time?  In addition, where do you blog?  Do you have a special place you have to be to write, or can you write out a blog post anywhere?

{Don't forget to swing by my About Me post, and ask me some questions.}

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