Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Day of Prayer 2011

Today, May 5th, is the National Day of Prayer.  It always occurs on the first Thursday in May, which happens to be Cinco de Mayo.  I thought about today and how so many people will be celebrating by going to bars and drinking, even if they are not of Hispanic origin or from Mexico.  Well, I just found out that today is National Day of Prayer, and this is a much better way to celebrate today.

The link to the website is under National Day of Prayer.  Through this website, you can learn the history behind the day, the mission, and how you can get involved.

Today, I will be praying for many items, including the nation, the government, the current education system, and many other personal requests that I know about.  Please join me today & PRAY!


Jessica said...

How did I miss this? I didn't know that today was the National Day of Prayer! Thanks for the info! =)

Love ya!

Kayla said...

No problem, Jessica! I did not know until I saw it posted on a friend's Facebook page, and I went online and looked it up. :) Love you, too!