Monday, May 2, 2011

Has my hard work paid off?

That is the ultimate question!  I sure hope so.  For the past six weeks, I have carefully documented every bite I have taken.  I have logged every food and drink that has entered my body.  Well, let's hope that it has worked, because for this week I am putting it to the test.  I am not going to record any of my food and drink intake this week into my spreadsheets.  I am still writing it down and acknowledging what I eat and drink, but I do not know how many calories I have taken in, and I will not know for this week, until Sunday night or Monday morning.

So, I believe I have done well so far.  I know which foods are healthiest and healthier for me, and I know about how much I need to eat on a daily basis to be within my calorie range.  I have lost around 10 lbs, although I do have fluctuations in my weight.  Normally, I get to the 10 lbs lost area, and I give up, but that will not happen this time.  I am so determined to have a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle, so I will not give up.  I will go through struggles, weight plateaus, cravings, and pain, but I will make it through!  I have an awesome support system with friends and family, and I have God on my side, and I know His will always prevails!

Wish me luck, and please pray that I have learned what I need to know to make it through without having to continuously document everything that I eat on a daily basis!


Jessica said...

You go sista girl!!! 10 lbs is awesome!! Think about a big ol' 10 pound bad of potatoes, gone!!

I know you're gonna do great this week! You've got this!!

I'll keep you in my prayers! =)

Kayla said...

Thank you, Jessica! I know that 10 lbs is a lot, and I am going to try to find a 10 lb weight belt (or however much I have lost) when I get the money, so that I can run with it on to see how far I have come!

I normally write everything down, then add it to my spreadsheet at night or the next morning, so I should be fine! I hope and pray so!

I know that with God's will, I can do anything!