Friday, May 11, 2012

Spam Comments, in all their glory

I have talked about traffic sources before in this post, including referring sites and search words, but to date, I do not believe I have ever mentioned the spam comments that I receive.

I am extremely confused, though, by this comment that I received today.  Most of the spam comments I get mention how I do not have many followers {thanks for the update because I obviously could not see this myself}, how I do not get many views on my blog {again, I missed this, so thanks for letting me know}, and how I am not receiving comments {but, you just commented, doesn't that count?}!

This comment, on the other hand, mentioned none of that!

It was left on my "Blogging:  E is for Enthusiastic" blog post, which thoroughly confused me even more.

Here is the comment:
"The physical violence depicted from the human history is often a testament for the suffocating civilizations. Why provides it accomplished so the wrong way despite currently being told there're slowly profitable the war up against the disease? Later the word was helpful to describe people political communities that share a link with famous aristocrats, conservatives, reactionaries, monarchists along with nationalists."
{This comment was copied and pasted from my e-mail, and of course, it was left by Anonymous.  I really do dislike that person!}

Along with the comment were two ads.  One that is for "beach tents for  babies," and the other one is for "best family tent brands."

Now, can someone please explain to me what this comment means?  And why were there ads for beach tents and family tents with the comment?  And why was it left on a post where I wrote about how people need to be enthusiastic with their blogging?

On a better note, I am receiving a lot of comments.  They are usually from Anonymous - you know that person that I do not like, and they usually have nothing to do with my blog posts or what I am writing, but at least I am getting exposure, right?
{No!  Oh well!  Back to my corner of the world!}


Gossip_Grl said...

I have been getting quite a few, many of them are dumped in the spam, but lately a few have gotten through and posted. And yeah from infamous Anonymous. I have left a few Anon comments that dealt directly with the posting itself, the rest that made no sense at all I deleted. In the mailbox I just clicked them to SPAM so hoping if they comment back blogspot will put them in the spam folder there.

Lisa said...

Curiously, the only Anonymous comments I get are actually from my mom because she has no idea how to sign in to a Google account. On the other hand, her comments usually make less sense than the one left for you, so don't get too down. :)

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Just delete the comments that offend you or that you consider junk and keep on keeping on girl. You have a good thing started here. - Barbara
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Mrs. Monologues said...

That is the most creative spam comment ever. I rarely get them and don't have them enabled.

Donna B. McNicol said...

Those types of comments with links are from spam-bots. They leave text that is lucid (sometimes) but meaningless in context to the post. Then they connect to links that are either for affiliate clicks or take you to a spam site when you might even get lucky and pick up a virus. UGH!

I only allow anonymous posts during something like the A-Z where they ask us to do so.