Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#40 & #51 of My 101 in 1001

#40 - Visit another state

I went to South Carolina on vacation.

#51 - Go to the beach

I spent 5 days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with some of my wonderful family members.
Sarah, Kay, Nancy, Momma, & Me

TK & Mel

And, it was fabulous.

I went swimming in the hotel pool and the ocean (the pool was warmer, but the ocean was great as well).  I went shopping, and I played mini-golf.  I got a sunburn.

I also ended up with three huge bruises, a pair of broke sunglasses, and a broke camera, which led to me getting some ibuprofen, a bottle of wine, two {2} new pair of sunglasses and a new camera.

With the sunburn and the three bruises {one on each elbow & one on my right knee}, I had to have some ibuprofen & a bottle of wine is always good.  Take ibuprofen during the day, and drink wine at night - sounded like a good prescription for pain relief!

As I am in Wal-Mart, my sunglasses fell off of my head, and at first, I thought that the lenses had just popped out, but after picking them up, I figured out they were no good anymore!  The frames had cracked, so when we went to Tanger Outlets, I found two cute & inexpensive pairs {one black & one brown - only $3.80 each} at Forever 21.

Now to the broken camera.  My camera was already broke {I had to tape the little door shut that hold the batteries and memory card in place}!  But, this time it was not fixable, no matter how much tape I had.  

My old camera had a timer on it {as most cameras do}, so that I could set the timer, and it would take the picture in 10 seconds {giving me just enough time to run back and get in the picture}!  I set the timer, placed the camera on a railing {first idiot mistake}, the pressed the shutter button so it would begin the 10 second countdown to when the picture would be taken {second idiot mistake}!  The railing was curved, so the camera was not very stable to begin with, and when I pressed the shutter button, the camera tipped and fell down to the concrete sidewalk.

Now the came lens won't even go in all the way!

Also, when I turn the camera on, all it will say is "System Error!"

My new camera!  Awesome!  It is just as good as my old camera, and I don't need tape! :)
So, my time at the beach was great.  Although there were some times that I just wanted to scream, I had a blast.  And, I ended up with a nice base tan, two new pair of sunglasses, a new camera, some new shirts and tanks, and a new pair of flip-flops!

And best of all, I got to spend some great quality time with my family!
Picture taken at Broadway at the Beach.

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