Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food Journal, Day 1, March 28, 2011 *Lost another pound :)*

So, I wanted to post this, just so everyone can see how I am tracking my food intake on a daily basis.  I will not post these everyday, but this is my format for my spreadsheet.  It makes it super easy to calculate my totals because the spreadsheet enters the formulas for me!

As you can see, my calorie intake for yesterday was 1736.5, which is great because my calories needed to maintain my weight is in the 2300's, so that creates a deficit of over 600 calories.  This along with the walking that I am doing should help me to lose the 2 lbs a week that I want to lose, and hopefully I will lose even more than that!


Jessica said...

That's a really cool spreadsheet! I'd love to use one of those. Where do I go to get it? You're doing great Kayla! Keep it up!!

Kayla said...

I actually created it, and if you have Excel on your computer, I can help you create one the exact same way! It is extremely easy, & it helps so much because it calculates everything for me - all I have to do is enter the formula! Oh, if you do have Excel on your computer, just give me your email address (if you want to send me a message on Facebook, that would be fine), and I can create you one and email it to you!

Thank you for the encouraging words! I have prayed for this for a long time, and I am thanking God for every pound that I lose (4.2 lbs down so far)! I will pray for you as well!

I love you!