Monday, March 28, 2011

Exercise Journal for 3-21 to 3-27

So, I created spreadsheets for everything to help me with my weight loss and exercise.  I have one spreadsheet for my exercise journal, one for my food journal, one for my calorie deficit, and one for all the nutritional information of the foods that I eat on a regular basis.  This will help me tremendously with my journey, and it makes it exciting for me.  I get super excited to enter my information into the spreadsheet and see how many calories I have burned, how many calories I have eaten, and what my deficit is for the day.

Well, for week 1, as you can see in the spreadsheet, I walked a total of 10.8 miles, burned around 2,180 calories, and lost 2.6 lbs.  YAY!  I am so stoked to continue my journey and to continue tracking my progress.

I have started creating my meal plans, and I have goals to eat in between 1200 and 1800 calories a day, depending on the day and how much I exercise.  In addition, I am using several different websites to help me with how many calories I need a day to maintain my weight, how many calories I burn during exercise (I do have a heart rate monitor that I also use during exercise to track my calorie burn), and the nutritional information for all foods that do not have this information on the labels.  If any of you would like to know these websites, just let me know.

Today, I have already had a great breakfast!  I enjoyed coffee, cinnamon & spice oatmeal, and a cup of strawberry halves.
This breakfast was only 228 calories, very filling, and extremely delicious.  In addition, I have cube steak in the crock pot, and I will be adding potatoes, corn, onions, and carrots to it for supper.  Most likely, I will also cook broccoli, so that I will have a very filling supper, with plenty of great veggies.


Jessica said...

You go Kayla! I'm like you and love to write everything down. (I've got so many journals.) Did you take a before picture and write your measurements down?

I weigh tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it's down! :0)

Kayla said...

I have my measurements written down and I have before pictures, but I do need before pictures that I can post, because the ones I have are for me! It's hard for me to take them of myself, and I usually don't think of it when Momma is around! I will get before pictures before the end of this week, and I will post them!

Good luck on your weigh-in, and I will pray that God will help you and give you the strength to push through!

I love you!