Monday, March 26, 2012

Mind of a Child

Oh, if we all thought the way that children do!

I absolutely l.o.v.e. how children think.  I love hearing them talk and explain everything, especially when they are still young, innocent, and untainted by the world and all the events occurring around them.

So, why am I all of a sudden writing about this?  Well it is because of something that happened back on Tuesday, March 20th.  And come to think of it - being that this was the first day of Spring, I now realize an even deeper meaning to what happened.  {Spring brings new life and blessings all around us!}

So around 4 P.M. on Tuesday, March 20th, my mom and I went to Cook-Out to get some dinner to take home.  Well, if you have ever been to Cook-Out you know that you can either go through the drive-thru or walk up to the window to order.  I wanted to walk up to the window because the drive-thru was busy, and I did not know exactly what I wanted, yet.

After deciding what we were going to get and placing our order, we stood by the window waiting on our order.  Well, a car was coming from the drive-thru around the building, and in the backseat, there was a little girl about 1.5 or 2 years older {guessing here, but she was still in a booster type car seat}.  As the car passed us, the little girl waved at my mom & I, so we waved back and smiled.  Then, she blew us kisses.

My smile got even bigger, and I all I could think was that God was sending me a blessing through this little girl.  I saw His love and grace in this little girl's face, and I sent up a prayer for the little girl and her family and a thank you from me for the small blessings in life.
You see, children {at a younger age} do not see race, gender, social or economic class, or cultural differences.  I love this!

I wish we could all have the mind of children, so that we could all learn to love and accept each other the way we are!

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