Friday, January 28, 2011

All about me

This post is my first, so I figured I would start with who I am, including random details about my life and journey.

I live in North Carolina, in a very small town.  I am a student, attending the University of Phoenix online.  I am pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  I will receive my Associates in May, then continue my schooling so that I can reach my dreams and goals of becoming a teacher and helping children learn and grow as individuals.

I am a Christian, and without God, I know I would not be where I am today.  The Lord has truly blessed me in all aspects of my life, and He shows me that when trouble comes, he can help me through it all.  I just need to have faith and remember that no matter how big the storm may be, God is always bigger and better.

One thing that is also bigger in my life is me.  I am at my heaviest weight that I have ever been, which is 196.4 lbs.  My body fat is 42.8%, and my BMI is 32.3.  In addition, my other measurements are:
Waist:  43.5 inches
Thighs:  25 inches
Butt:  45 inches
Chest:  41 inches
Hips:  43.5 inches
At my weight and body fat percentage, I have 84.1 lbs of body fat.  This is almost half of my total weight.

My goals include losing around 63.4 lbs, which would put me at a healthy weight of 133 lbs.  This would also put my body fat around 22%, which is also very healthy.  I have started exercising, which is one of my New Year's Revolutions, and eating healthier.  Also included in my goals for this year are to decrease the amount of debt I have, go to church more often, read the Bible more, and learn to crave GOD instead unhealthy foods and cigarettes.  Yes, I am a smoker, but I am trying to stop.

My intentions behind this blog are to make my information public.  I know that when others know your goals and dreams, it is harder for you to give up on them, especially if you are held accountable by others.  So, this is who I am, and who I want to become.  I want to be happy, healthy, and live everyday to the fullest.  I know that I can reach my dreams, as long as I continue to push forward, stay determined, and stay motivated.


Poison said...

congrats on making the decision to become healthier this year. thanks for checking out my blog. i had to come see what yours was all about too. :) good luck on your journey. i have quit smoking twice in my life already. its tough. not sure if you've quit that yet but i know it'll help in the long run with losing the weight. :)

Kayla said...

I have not quit, yet, unfortunately! I am still trying, though, and hopefully soon I will lay them down and never pick them up again! Thank you for the comments and support! :)